Pages of Envy

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I have no excuse but I’m back from the wilds of Mexico, no closer to finishing the great work in progress. It’s funny how if you never put ink to paper, you never finish a project. Here’s a Friday Fictioneers prompt for your consideration about writer’s block and envy.

Pages of Envy

By T. Delaplain

Cuba Libre in hand I watch her delicate hand judge my pages. God damn her, too slow. The familiar burn of self doubt and rum threaten to devour me. The truth? I hate her; everything flows from her with ease. Her lips drip bitter honey but her words, oh her beautiful words, tumble with abandon onto her own pages. I’m the one who writes long into the night while she dreams. I chase a muse who will not stop or turn or invite me into her embrace. I am a slave to the page but she is ink, filling page after page.

Try your hand at writing 100 word flash fiction. Let the ink flow at Friday Fictioneers

39 thoughts on “Pages of Envy

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      1. Lovely! I would love to participate in a writer’s group.
        And hey, I do do challenges. Four in all… silly me.


  1. I really enjoyed your story and read it a couple of times. The rhythm is mesmerizing. My favorite line is, “I chase a muse who will not stop or turn or invite me into her embrace.” I’m understanding that more and more the further I get on this writing journey. At times we chase her and she remains elusive (for me its a “her”). =) But, other times she comes to us when we least expect it. Take heart, she will return. She did this week.

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  2. A good story and well written, Tracey. I’ve heard of writers like that. I read one famous one never makes revisions. I’ve never found that’s true for me. I just do my best and hope it’s good enough. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  3. Not sure how I missed this, but I kept hitting the link from your comment on mine, and getting nowhere. Alas!

    This is gorgeous, Tracey! The words are so lyrical and fluid, the imagery bittersweet and powerful. I think you’re the ink this week. Beautiful writing.


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