Room For Exploration

by T Delaplain

PHOTO PROMPT © Rowena Curtin

Room For Exploration

by T. Delaplain

Pam made the call on the same day that the missing child posters started appearing. The new charter school felt like the safest option. The brochure offered, advanced technology and plenty of room for exploration. The headmaster was quick to point out the school’s heightened security features.

Emma hopscotched down the tattooed concrete, the sparkly unicorn danced along on her tiny backpack. 

“You know Mom, some kids never return from MindStrong.”

“What? That’s ridiculous, it’s a child development center.”

“Not what I heard at school today. Austin said that Sally said that Eric said he saw the flash and Tom just disappeared.”

Care to join us at Friday Fictioneers? There’s plenty of room to explore and Rochelle will give you 100 words to make up a story.

43 thoughts on “Room For Exploration

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  1. Hearsay evidence. Perhaps. But then exactly where is Tom?
    I still recall (way too many years hence) some of my friends telling me (lies) impossible stories and never relenting to the truth. As Dr. House claims, “everybody lies.”
    Well done.

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  2. Usually, I wouldn’t believe a he said she said he said, especially coming from a child, but even looking past the entrance to a childcare facility being in an alley, there’s something ominous about MindStrong.

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