Nama-you better not-stay

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Nama-you better not-stay

by T. Delaplain

Awe, a tranquil health retreat; twice daily yoga, forest bathing and untethered relaxation. I inhaled the pine scented air as my counselor embraced me a little too tightly, “Last chance. Don’t stay.”  

“What?” I asked. She smiled, bowed with her hands at heart center, “I said welcome, namaste.” 

Feeling the opposite of tranquil, I watched as she took all of my bags. “You won’t be needing these. Meet us in the dining room for today’s only meal, carrot cabbage juice. Don’t be late or you’ll have to meet His Eminence….alone.” 

Sprinting now, “Wait, you have my car keys.” 

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A timely story inspired by real life.

My sister and I were just looking for a girl’s weekend and I suggested a yoga retreat. I found the perfect location in the California mountains with rustic accommodations, plant based meals and daily yoga. It sounded like nirvana to me. My sister replied, “Read the reviews. People complained about the food, they were starving. The forest is remote and the camp counselor is described as charismatic and persuasive. Apparently you can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave.” The search continues.

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