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CFWH was acquired by Saint Mary’s Medical Group on June 1, 2015. I am currently on a medical leave of absense and I have no intention of ever working for Saint Mary’s. Cookie Bible, APN has taken a position with Elizabeth Hutson, MD @775-432-1343. I highly recommend their office.

A former patient kindly reached out to me and informed me that my website and former phone numbers have been disconnected without further notice. In the negotiations I  was reassured that all of my patients would receive a letter explaining the situation with instructions to obtain copies of your charts and that the phones and faxes would be forwarded to the group to assist you. I feel obligated to update you here because as always, taking care of patients has been my primary concern for 28 years.

Your medical records are available at Women’s Health Center, 775-770-6940, 645 N. Arlington Suite 555,  Reno, NV 89502. You will need to send or fax a signed records release to obtain copies of your records. It is probably easiest if you have your new physician request the records for you. If you need a prescription refill and can’t get a timely appointment then your family physician may give you an Rx until you find another gynecologist. I deeply regret the inconvenience to you and the frustrations for me during this acquisition.

December 17, 2015

On a personal note, I injured my hip in March and I am slowly recovering. I am taking a much needed sabbatical away from medicine and only time will tell if I will return to clinical practice. I miss you, my patients, every day and I wish you happiness and good health in the years ahead. I consider many of you friends after all these years together. I’m deeply grateful for everything that you gave back to me over the years. Feel free to follow my blog and I will post any updates as they become available.

August 20, 2018
Saint Mary’s Women’s Center is no longer in business and your records are now being stored by Harold Chotiner, MD with Renown Hospital. As of this date their number is tel:7757706940.
Wishing you well, Tracey Delaplain

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