For Every Season #FridayFictioneers

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

For Every Season

I traced a frozen heart on the glass.

No longer were your initials available to interlace with mine.

The storms and passion of our verdant spring had been replaced with a summer of striving, of building and succeeding. Continue Reading

110 in the Shade #FridayFictioneers

Photo Credit to Rich Voza

110 in The Shade

The pilot wiped the sweat and dust from his brow and coaxed the joystick, “Just one more pass baby.”

His man on the ground had been confident when he called in the strike.

There was no space in his head for hesitation but the memories of the prior one hundred fly bys had solidified: women and children and long white coats. Continue Reading

Sara Y El Mono Del Vuelo

I’m back in Nevada after spending six weeks in Spain. I promise to share my thoughts about this grand adventure of Spanish immersion in later posts but today is miércoles so here is my Friday Fictioneers post. I haven’t written anything but text messages in English for six weeks and my brain was a little rusty today. My fictional bumbling spy Sara stepped up to the castle and insisted that this was her day to write.

Hold on to your broom and enjoy the ride.

Here’s the photo prompt from Douglas Macellroy.


Sara and The Flying Monkey

Unclear as to where she had fallen, Sara stretched her stocking clad legs gingerly beneath the rubble and questioned her choice of disguise.  How was she to know that her pointed hat would bring down the drone in a tangle of fabric and smoke? In her defense the team leader had said, “We will get that witch”, speaking of the intended target.

The flying monkey drone had been Sara’s brilliant idea but where was the memory stick? Shaking off the very minor concussion she opened one eye.  Regretting the decision, she watched the armed guard drop the Usb drive and Sara’s last chance into his pocket.


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