A Tinder Promise

Photo credit Lisa Fox Tinder Promises by T. Delaplain Had we ever had a first date? I only remember that you had always been by my side. I had promised you, so I had swiped right. Recalling the details in my date’s text, it felt like a spy mission.  I had as much experience with... Continue Reading →

Always a Widow

I’ve been lost in Baja, Mexico, enjoying the sun and sand, sometimes wasting paper writing tall tales, sometimes cooking for strays at MyBajaKitchen.com. La Señora took a liking to Sarah’s photo and insisted on living another 100 words. Here’s her web of intrigue. La Señora came to me at a run down clam shack; feet... Continue Reading →

Changing the Chorus

Photo prompt @Dale Rogerson A second story for Friday Fictioneers especially for DR. I know he's out there. Changing the Chorus by T. Delaplain Regardless of the tempo or cadence, the chorus remained the same, "I'm not ready." Their coffee dates and long lunches were punctuated by stiff hugs and brief stolen kisses; neither knowing... Continue Reading →

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