Nama-you better not-stay

Photo credit @Liz Young Nama-you better not-stay by T. Delaplain Awe, a tranquil health retreat; twice daily yoga, forest bathing and untethered relaxation. I inhaled the pine scented air as my counselor embraced me a little too tightly, “Last chance. Don’t stay.”   “What?” I asked. She smiled, bowed with her hands at heart center,... Continue Reading →

One Loose Thread

Photo credit @ David Stewart One Loose Thread by T. Delaplain Sewing a dream was easy, hiding it from the palace guard was always tricky. Skye wedged the spell into a perfume vial, secured the cork with an incantation and slipped it into her pocket. Nightmares on the other hand were fraught with trouble. One... Continue Reading →

Room For Exploration

by T Delaplain PHOTO PROMPT © Rowena Curtin Room For Exploration by T. Delaplain Pam made the call on the same day that the missing child posters started appearing. The new charter school felt like the safest option. The brochure offered, advanced technology and plenty of room for exploration. The headmaster was quick to point out... Continue Reading →

A New Circus

Photo credit @J.S.Brand A New Circus by T. Delaplain They say you can’t run away from yourself. Maybe not, but you can leave the circus. I suppose you posted on Facebook, “My love, missing since ...” Since you rearranged my face the last time. There's no internet, so who gives a shit? I cook, clean,... Continue Reading →

History Tailgates

A return to civility? One can’t lose hope. Here is Senator Flake’s speech concerning the train wrecked state of American politics. It’s worth a read.


I’ve tried over the years to resist the siren call to blog incessantly, to ‘build followers’, or to waste your time with endless static. You deserve that respect. I post when there’s something worth saying, fueled by an emotion or an idea that I’ve felt strongly about.

What follows is the text of a speech given this week by Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona which I believe will come to be remembered as a pivotal moment in American history.  I believe this speech should be read by as many citizens of this planet as possible because it speaks truth to power and is a perfect example of the jeweled bearings upon which the destiny of nations turn. The ‘media’ will do with it what various editors decide; pro or con, up or down, yes or no, depending on who writes the paychecks. Pay no attention to them. Read for yourself…

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How writing flash fiction helped me write a novel

I couldn’t have said it better. Check out Louise’s novels, The Sister and The Gift.

fabricating fiction

the-sisterWhen I started writing in earnest two years ago I created this blog and stumbled across a weekly flash fiction challenge called Friday Fictioneers. A photo would be posted each week and participants were invited to use the prompt to create a hundred word story.

It sounded fun and a good way to kick off my blog. Writing the first story was difficult. It took me ages to edit it down to 100 words. It was nerve wracking sending my first story out into the world but if I’m honest, I didn’t expect anyone to read it, but read it they did. I was soon enveloped into a supportive writing community who have critiqued with kindness, encouraged and soothed every step of the way on my journey to publication, commiserating with every rejection and celebrating my first two novels hitting No. 1 on Amazon. I am so grateful to those…

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On The Set #FridayFictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford On the Set Beating his chest and raising his middle finger in defiance he roared, “You got your movie now I get the girl." He cradled the limp cargo in the nest of his elbow and stroked her silken curls; so beautiful, so fragile. "Put down your weapons and... Continue Reading →

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