One Loose Thread

Photo credit @ David Stewart

One Loose Thread

by T. Delaplain

Sewing a dream was easy, hiding it from the palace guard was always tricky. Skye wedged the spell into a perfume vial, secured the cork with an incantation and slipped it into her pocket.

Nightmares on the other hand were fraught with trouble. One loose thread and the fears would escape and prowl the night forever. 

Never willing to believe the old ones without testing her limits, she agreed that sometimes they were right, as she spotted the stone dragon above her.  The princess nodded a barely perceived thank you to the gargoyles for freezing it before it could do any more damage. 

*Join us at Friday Fictioneers. Our talented hostess Rochelle Wisoff will give you 100 words to cast your spell but be ready to run from the palace guard. The gargoyles only answer to Princess Skye.

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