Nama-you better not-stay

Photo credit @Liz Young Nama-you better not-stay by T. Delaplain Awe, a tranquil health retreat; twice daily yoga, forest bathing and untethered relaxation. I inhaled the pine scented air as my counselor embraced me a little too tightly, “Last chance. Don’t stay.”   “What?” I asked. She smiled, bowed with her hands at heart center,... Continue Reading →

Burning the Trash

Photo credit @Jennifer Pendergast Burning the Trash By. T. Delaplain  Every chapter Peter burned brought him closer to clarity. He wasn’t a writer, just a hack. He cut through the painful details of his deficiencies leaving only shreds of regret and a pile of literary trash. The premise had been brilliant, the main characters tragically... Continue Reading →

The Road to Redemption

The Road to Redemption By T. Delaplain The old cowboy boarded the bus, hat in hand, boots freshly polished, his steps hesitant.“Mind if I sit?” asked the young man in newly pressed black trousers, starched white short-sleeved shirt and black tie.“You can sit anywhere you like but the only guidance I need at 90 is... Continue Reading →

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