Burning the Trash

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Burning the Trash

By. T. Delaplain 

Every chapter Peter burned brought him closer to clarity. He wasn’t a writer, just a hack.

He cut through the painful details of his deficiencies leaving only shreds of regret and a pile of literary trash. The premise had been brilliant, the main characters tragically flawed but likable. 

Regrettably, the meandering storyline couldn’t climb out of the plot holes with a ladder. He ripped out another page and tossed it into the welcoming flames; so satisfied to watch his first draft combust. 

Unable to stop the insistent chatter from his characters, he reluctantly agreed that resurrection from the ashes might indeed be possible. 

**Join us at Friday Fictioneers. Rochelle Wisoff will give you 100 words to resurrect your draft. Some drafts shouldn’t survive the flames but other times, they just need someone to light a fire under them.

39 thoughts on “Burning the Trash

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  1. Well captured. We’ve all been there. I’ve written some things I’m embarrassed to read, but I’ve never destroyed them. Sometimes, it’s fun to go back and see the vast improvement a few drafts can make.

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  2. Dear Tracey,

    I wouldn’t show anyone my first draft of Please Say Kaddish for Me at gunpoint. Hopefully his next draft will rise from the ashes and be a major success. Fun piece.



    PS. You might want to revisit the second sentence and replace “We” with “He.”

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  3. “Unable to stop the insistent chatter from his characters”–boy, does that ever nail it. Many times, as I’ve struggled to write, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a better editor than I am a writer. Still, my characters demand that their voices be heard.

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  4. Ooh this one cuts close to the bone. It’s painful to realize one has done disservice to their creations. Hoping she decides to resurrect them and gives them a worthy world to inhabit.


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