Mo Fhioghrá

PHOTO PROMPT © Amanda Forestwood Mo Fhioghrá by T. Delaplain Willing to take the beatin’ that would come later, Aidan laid his chin against his gobshite brother’s favorite fiddle. Catching the eye of the barkeep, he nodded, requesting a pint. The bartender flashed him the finger and mouthed feke off.   He’d only get the... Continue Reading →

A House Divided

photo credit @Liz Young A House Divided By T. Delaplain  It started with an innocent comment, a slightly frisky flirtation, a light breeze. No harm, no foul, the foundation was solid, nothing could touch the haven he’d built around his family. But the fresh breeze continued to build with feather light touches in passing and... Continue Reading →

Room For Exploration

by T Delaplain PHOTO PROMPT © Rowena Curtin Room For Exploration by T. Delaplain Pam made the call on the same day that the missing child posters started appearing. The new charter school felt like the safest option. The brochure offered, advanced technology and plenty of room for exploration. The headmaster was quick to point out... Continue Reading →

Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts by T. Delaplain Dana selected a fresh sheet of binder paper and the sharpest of the dull round tipped scissors. Precision was her command as she shaped a delicate snowflake of filigree and lace. Snip. The pattern, uniquely hers, fragile yet beautiful. Were those the words the counselor had said in reassurance? She... Continue Reading →

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