The Road to Redemption

The Road to Redemption By T. Delaplain The old cowboy boarded the bus, hat in hand, boots freshly polished, his steps hesitant.“Mind if I sit?” asked the young man in newly pressed black trousers, starched white short-sleeved shirt and black tie.“You can sit anywhere you like but the only guidance I need at 90 is... Continue Reading →

Boys Being Men

Boys Being Men By T. Delaplain Dear Momma, I’ll send home my pay when we gets to town again. Mighty hard for Dad to keep food on the table when he’s got his head in a bottle and his fists up. The Army camp ain’t bad and the chow is good. I spend half my... Continue Reading →

Reading Between the Lines

PHOTO PROMPT submitted by Courtney Wright. Photographer prefers to remain anonymous Reading Between the Lines By T. Delaplain Dear Trace, I cain’t get away this summer for a visit. Fox says the price of gas is gonna keep climbing. Ol’ Doc King gave me a new heart medicine, expensive, but I guess I need it.... Continue Reading →

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