The Perfect Blue

Pegman has taken us to Mars today and has stumbled upon an art enclave. Apparently there is life on the Red Planet and she's a voracious artist. If you want to take an intergalactic journey with us come along and create your own flash fiction, just don't leave the mother ship. What Pegman Saw. Photo... Continue Reading →

Make Mine a Guinness

Pegman took a stroll around my favorite city, Dublin, and despite the beautiful and historically significant sites, the stick man found a Corona Light billboard. I try to be culturally sensitive but light beer in Ireland? Ridiculous! I will not drink Corona, not with my feet in sand, not with pesos in my hand. I... Continue Reading →

Integratron Me (Pegman Saw it Too)

Integratron Me by T. Delaplain "It is my sincere hope that you enjoyed the TED talk and our walk through the electrostatic arc. I expect you to feel renewed and invigorated from your resonance sound experience. Mr. Tassel, having recently returned from outer space will be available to answer all questions concerning cellular rejuvenation and... Continue Reading →

Quiet Enough

Photo credit goes to Google's Pegman. I take credit for the wandering. Take a walk with us. What do you see? You can find the coordinates for this week's "What Pegman Saw" prompt here. Quiet Enough by T. Delaplain On any given day your words would careen off the walls, slicing through our happiness with... Continue Reading →

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