Integratron Me (Pegman Saw it Too)


Integratron Me
by T. Delaplain

“It is my sincere hope that you enjoyed the TED talk and our walk through the electrostatic arc. I expect you to feel renewed and invigorated from your resonance sound experience. Mr. Tassel, having recently returned from outer space will be available to answer all questions concerning cellular rejuvenation and immortality. It’s safe to say having returned to us posthumously that he can be considered an expert in his field.

All participants will receive the usual probe before leaving the geomagnetic fields, so please loosen your undergarments. In conclusion, never underestimate Integratron’s multi-frequency electrostatic charger for the human body, which Van and I can personally attest to, will leave you with youthful vigor. Go forth, be vigorous, maybe consider extra fiber and a stool softener for a few days post probing and give generously to our time travel fund. Please don’t hesitate to donate over and above our usual and customary bargain fee of ten thousand dollars. The men in black are ready to receive you now.”

Call me a believer this is what Pegman and I saw in the sky above the remains of George Van Tassel’s Integratron.


And these are photos circa 1950’s with the same cloud. Coincidence? I think Not!




Take a walk with Pegman around Lander California. What do you see? Write about it and share. The challenge can be found here.

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  1. It’s interesting because the only reference I can find to Van Tassel’s death is that it occurred suddenly when he was 67 years old, which isn’t all that old. Maybe like Elvis, he didn’t die. He just returned home.


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