Held In Memory

Photo credit @Al Forbes Held In Memory by T. Delaplain I slide into the backseat, lie on my back and imagine the moonlight. I'm assaulted with longing so intense that it can only be desire. The taste of your breath lingers still. I run my hand over the discolored upholstery. I can almost smell the... Continue Reading →

When Faith Becomes Grief

Thank you for the photo Dale Rogerson When Faith Becomes Grief by T. Delaplain The familiar incense of candle wax, smouldering wicks and desperation forced the bile to rise in my throat. It had been a routine operation, on a common ailment, on a run-of-the-mill day, yet here I am with my extraordinary grief. I... Continue Reading →

Integratron Me (Pegman Saw it Too)

Integratron Me by T. Delaplain "It is my sincere hope that you enjoyed the TED talk and our walk through the electrostatic arc. I expect you to feel renewed and invigorated from your resonance sound experience. Mr. Tassel, having recently returned from outer space will be available to answer all questions concerning cellular rejuvenation and... Continue Reading →


Photo credit at C.E.Ayr Thank you Sir. Silenced by T. Delaplain "May I?", La Señora lifted her wrist to check the time. "A text will arrive on the mobile in your left pocket in exactly twenty seconds. I assume that's your phone Nando," she raised a brow in invitation. "Trust me, by then "El Jefe's"... Continue Reading →

Quiet Enough

Photo credit goes to Google's Pegman. I take credit for the wandering. Take a walk with us. What do you see? You can find the coordinates for this week's "What Pegman Saw" prompt here. Quiet Enough by T. Delaplain On any given day your words would careen off the walls, slicing through our happiness with... Continue Reading →

Sweet Success

Photo credit to Sandra Crook Sweet Success by T. Delaplain La señora swirled the last bubbles in her glass, "Imported," she purred with confidence ignoring the pistol at her temple. She surveyed the villa and its opulence with pride; some of it earned, some of it stolen, who knew the difference now. The guns had... Continue Reading →

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