To Swallow the Truth #FridayFictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

To Swallow the Truth

I was to write a “thought piece” extolling the virtues of Lady Liberty; a bit of history and a huge dose of propaganda.

What I wanted to say was that The Lady had closed her arms and opened her legs long ago.

If I had swallowed my truth pill instead of sticking it under my desk, I could have easily written the lies.

“Diversity and discontent serve no purpose in our united state.”

Swallow or spit?

I reached under my desk, pulled off the wet capsule and swirled it on my tongue.

With the truth slowly dissolving in my mouth, maybe Lady Liberty wasn’t a whore after all.


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Of All the Gin Joints #FridayFictioneers

Of All the Gin Joints

“Bloody hell Edwards, where are you?”
The literary terrorist had escaped her capture and the plot hole was beyond repair without him. In a drastic twist, she conjured up a copper.
“When was the last time you saw the subject?” the constable asked.
“Chapter 13, but he always comes back by 17.”
“Do you recall anything suspicious?”
“Now that you ask, yes, he was wearing a fez.”
“A boozer, eh?”
“Quite the contrary. You Sir are in a Victorian romance and Mr. Edwards is never in his cups.”
“So you say but I’ll still check all the gin joints in all the world?”


For more back alley musings and flash fiction visit our hostess at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. She’ll allow you 100 words to complete your investigation.

This is a stand alone piece but if you’re curious about Mr. Edward the novel time traveler and literary terrorist, here’s a few of his adventures.

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A Chance to Cut


It is too easy to lose your way as a physician when faced with the daily stress of real medicine. Spending time with the next generation of physicians gives me faith that we will always have a few doctors who stand out as not just competent, but caring healers.

My son is currently a surgical resident. I wrote this letter to him when he was an intern. A resident’s life is far from the glamorous stylized Grey’s Anatomy experience. It’s grueling and exhausting. I struggle as I watch him endure his chosen path. As a physician, I know exactly how he feels and I know that he will survive. As a mother, I want to smother him with love, make him sleep more and fix his schedule so that he can have two days off in a row to come home for Christmas. My husband reminds me when I hang up the phone in tears, “Keep the faith. He will be fine. You did it too and you survived.” I know in my heart that he will not only survive residency training but he will thrive. Continue Reading

Writing a Complete Story in a Flash

writing a complete story in a flash

I am a huge fan of flash fiction. Sometimes a writer will hit a home run with a work of fiction and sometimes it fails. I know what I like in a story but I’m not always sure why I like it. Today I was stumbling around the Friday Fictioneer’s weekly posts, stalking other writers in fact, when I followed the bread crumbs to I found brilliantly written critiques of selected flash fiction stories. Follow the link below to read a well written post describing the essentials of great flash fiction. You need a beginning, a middle and an end but you also need character development, movement, conflict, growth and resolution all in a few words. This is what the best flash fiction writers do and it’s why their work stands out from the rest.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Many thanks to Rebekah Postupak at Flash! Friday.
FlashPoints, flash fiction critique.