To Swallow the Truth #FridayFictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

To Swallow the Truth

I was to write a “thought piece” extolling the virtues of Lady Liberty; a bit of history and a huge dose of propaganda.

What I wanted to say was that The Lady had closed her arms and opened her legs long ago.

If I had swallowed my truth pill instead of sticking it under my desk, I could have easily written the lies.

“Diversity and discontent serve no purpose in our united state.”

Swallow or spit?

I reached under my desk, pulled off the wet capsule and swirled it on my tongue.

With the truth slowly dissolving in my mouth, maybe Lady Liberty wasn’t a whore after all.


For more Friday Fictioneer, 100 word “truths” trip over to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields website and follow your assignment without question. No Thought Police allowed.

36 thoughts on “To Swallow the Truth #FridayFictioneers

  1. Chilling little piece of sci-fi

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  2. I found this to be wonderfully written, vividly expressed.

    Well done, Tracey! Knocked it out of the park.

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  3. Wow! Well done! Well written! Just plain Wow!

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  4. A pretty chilling take on the very near future (or even the present), and also on the integrity of the media perhaps. Nice!

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  5. So very chilling, and full of foreboding for the future.

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  6. I’m afraid there are millions who swallowing this pill everyday. It must be more addicting than heroin. The Party of Fear & Hate are the masters of propaganda. I’m constantly amazed at how people gobble it up and come back asking for seconds.

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  7. A well conveyed message.

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  8. Oh — so chilling when we give up on values for egoistic gains.

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  9. this is quite a departure from your usual. the future looks grim, doesn’t it? 😦

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  10. Very provocative and pushing the envelope but often that’s needed! Good job.

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  11. Dear Tracey,

    Now that we have the doctor’s diagnosis, could there be a cure? Although my story this week is more optimistic, I’m struggling to share Ms. Lazarus’ sentiments. Or as Tevye said, “Send us the cure, we have the sickness already.” Well written, Doc.



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  12. Some pharma company must have got very rich producing and distributing that pill en masse. Gritty and true, Tracey, a worthy goal for your creative ride. I couldn’t be so cruel to the lady, as a foreigner. I still hope that people will remember in time what she once stood for.

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  13. Wow, great piece. I’m feeling quite worried and can’t quite understand how people are swallowing this pill. I’m thinking New Zealand is beautiful any time of year. Well done, Tracey.

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  14. I know someone already said this but, Wow.


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