Home is Where the Heart Lands

Photo credit @Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Home is Where the Heart Lands By T. Delaplain Mind if I take a look at that leg of yours, Mary?” “It ain’t nothing Doc. Remember, I was a nurse at County before the whiskey.” The crusted gray strips of fabric, fell in a stinking green spiral. “You’ve got gangrene?” “Sure do,... Continue Reading →

Welcome Neighbor #FridayFictioneers

Photo courtesy of Dale Rogerson's real life and completely unrelated to my fictional tale, in case you were worried. Welcome Neighbor by T. Delaplain A soft cough and a flash of Sunday best fabric announced the committee's arrival; midwestern hospitality and a basket of freshly baked welcome. She stopped unpacking the life she no longer... Continue Reading →

Next Time

Photo credit@ Geogia Koch Next Time A copper tang mingled with the dockyard flotsam. "Lotta blood. She been dead long?" "An hour or two, hard to say for sure." "Cold?" "Not really, just a little damp." The officer turned to face his partner; her uniform, wet and tattered, "Same MO, same perp?" "Ya." "You look... Continue Reading →

For Every Season #FridayFictioneers

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields For Every Season I traced a frozen heart on the glass. No longer were your initials available to interlace with mine. The storms and passion of our verdant spring had been replaced with a summer of striving, of building and succeeding. Then came the slow days of fall with graying edges... Continue Reading →

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