Photo credit at C.E.Ayr Thank you Sir.

by T. Delaplain

“May I?”, La Señora lifted her wrist to check the time. “A text will arrive on the mobile in your left pocket in exactly twenty seconds. I assume that’s your phone Nando,” she raised a brow in invitation. “Trust me, by then “El Jefe’s” blood will be a faint whisper on the cafe floor and even the gringo’s news will have been sterilized.”

Ten, nine
“Remember that delicious summer, when we both had dreams? Look around. This is what it looks like beyond the tracks.”
Eight, seven,
Pop, pop
“Poor Nando, sweet dreams babe.”
“You’re late to the party Tomas, now get someone in here to neutralize this mess.”


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Gracias Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at Addicted to Purple for hosting this little fiesta.

An interesting thing happens when you live in your little expat bubble in Mexico. The news is managed for you. Unpleasant news literally disappears almost before it happens.
However if you leave the safety of the rabbit warren, you will hear your Mexican neighbors. Be forewarned, they’ll talk. They’ll talk about a shooting behind the hotel leaving two dead and the promise of more to follow. They’ll talk about the last time. They’ll talk about their love for their community and the safety of their children. They’ll get upset about drug related shootings which shouldn’t happen in their tranquil town. They won’t sweep news under the carpet as if it never happened. They will be given the opportunity to be feel uncertain, to be cautious, and to share their grief as a community.
Let us pray that after January 20th that we still have freedom of the press in estados unidos or my rant will fall on deaf ears just like it does here in the bubble of paradise.

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  1. La señora lives! Bravo! It worked like a Hitchcock-style story. Know the bomb is in there and let people know it so there can be suspense. Great story!

    As to the epilogue, though, and as someone who has been in the news business for the last 21 years, I can tell you first-hand, the arsenic has been there (especially) since the 1960’s, so this is nothing new. News is never 100% accurate. Never was, never will be. Plus, my life does not revolve around world events, they just get reported, that’s all.

    If anyone feels their lives will be affected by what goes on in the world, they need to take a deep look into their own lives to see if things need to change so their surroundings can.

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    1. I understand and agree with your comments but I was furious in Mexico watching the news of the shootings literally disappeared from the English news within 24 hours, as if it never happened. I’m not afraid but being informed seems wise. I actually don’t watch or read any news on a regular basis because as you say, it doesn’t effect my daily life. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. They are always appreciated.


      1. You are MOST welcome. Actually, my station DID get the story on the shootings. Probably because nothing else seemed to be happening in the local news. But, unless there’s any kind of follow-up story, they just dump it. Maybe no reporters were following it, I don’t know. A lot of variables. Again, just the method of the news biz, I’m afraid.
        BTW, I’m planning on visiting friends in the Puebla area in March. I hope things calm down by then.


  2. This worked very well. And your epilogue is horrifying. As is the news every morning when we over here see a little bit more of what you over there are going to have to put up with.

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