Always a Widow

I’ve been lost in Baja, Mexico, enjoying the sun and sand, sometimes wasting paper writing tall tales, sometimes cooking for strays at

La Señora took a liking to Sarah’s photo and insisted on living another 100 words. Here’s her web of intrigue.

La Señora came to me at a run down clam shack; feet in the sand and tequila in hand. Any similarity to the real Señoras running drug cartels in Mexico is purely coincidental, entonce no le dispares al autor, por favor.

Pass me a lime and drop a comment below. Muchas gracias.

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Always a Widow

by Tracey Delaplain

A tangled damp sheet tethered her escape. Acrid smoke swirled between them. Relaxed and languid, he never seemed to struggle.

“Who is the moth?” she toyed.

“Who is the flame?” he answered.

“It’s over you know? I sent the shipment last night. You missed it.”
“Did I? You seem certain.” he brushed off the silk she’d spun and exhaled. “There’s always another, Señora.”
“The Agency will have something to say about that.”

”Perhaps. Mas tequila?”

“Si, una vez más?” she suggested.

Pinning her to the mattress, he pulled the cocoon tighter.

Neither could control this web.


Join us at Friday Fictioneers. Rochelle will give you 100 words to capture us in the tangled web you weave. La Señora has commanded our attention in past stories from Baja. You can read more about her, if you dare, at Silenced, Vas Con Dios, Sweet Success

I am at peace here next to La Sierra Giganta mountains and the Sea of Cortes in Nopolo, BCS, MX. 

Loreto Bay, Nopolo, BCS.

And sometimes I write.

San Ignacio, BCS

37 thoughts on “Always a Widow

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  1. You’ve painted a picture of a highly-charged liaison that can only end with an explosion! I love the way you describe it with all its textures and tensions: such well chosen words. In fact, Tracey, it’s all woven together perfectly!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh … the tangled web being woven. I like this. It’s intriguing and mysterious. I want to know
    more about it all. Perhaps, by the end of the bottle great secrets will be revealed.
    Bein venida otra vez al campo de las historias. Me puede traer una tequila, por favor. Mmmm … que rico!!!
    Abrazos de Florida ..
    Isadora 😎


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