Vas Con Dios, Friday Fictioneers

Imagine by Lucy Fridkin

Vas Con Dios

The playa was quiet, a lazy wave lapped the sand and a gull called down the sun. The salt from the sea and the sweat of the afternoon mingled. The courtship had been fast by design: a smoldering glance and a short skirt.

Not nearly enough time to savor the revenge.

He slithered to his back and whispered a vulgar invitation. She lifted the damp sheet and slid over him.

Given the perfect angle, what was a girl to do?

The dagger plunge between his ribs. It seemed a shame to rush his demise but justice was often swift.

For more Friday Fictioneers go here. Rochelle will give you 100 words to create your sea tale.

This was in my town’s square outside of one of the oldest missions in Baja Mexico. The dancers were celebrating Revolutionary Day.

La senorita está esperando y esperando bailar
Photo by T. Delaplain


40 thoughts on “Vas Con Dios, Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Tracey,

    Apparently, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Nice picture: The señorita hopes and hopes to dance. Sweet. Good story, vivid descriptions.

    Shalom y paz,


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  2. And he seemed such a nice chap.
    Lots of questions, terrific writing.

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  3. a gull called down the sun Wow! wish I’d thought of this line.

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  4. michael1148humphris

    It seems to me that she did have enough time to savour the revenge, any more time and he might have turned nasty, like I guess he has done before.

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  5. Dear Tracey,

    Mexico suits you. I too loved the gull calling down the sun and I loved the woman with a plan, unafraid to carry it out. Very smooth and strong writing. Well done. The title is a subtle one and pretty perfect for this tale.



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  6. It started off so calm and peaceful…. Nice twist. Love the photo too.

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  7. Lots of questions about what he has done but presumably he was a nasty piece of work and got what was coming to him. I too, liked the gull calling down the sun but also the mixing of the salt and the sweat.

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  8. A nicely atmospheric piece. That revenge was served hot and swift, wasn’t it? I wonder what he did? Great tale

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  9. Ooh, I wonder what he did? Maybe if someone wrongs her again she’ll take her time…

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  10. Not exactly afternoon delight. Now, there’s an ugly mess to clean up in the bed.
    Beautifully descriptive writing, Tracey. And I loved the B & W photo. That’s my favorite art form.

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  11. Action packed story. Loved the descriptions.

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  12. good grief! he didn’t realize what was coming. well done, señorita. 🙂

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  13. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    Very dark. The use of the word slithered never signals good deeds.

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  14. As Maths teacher I look for stories with arresting angles. Wicked!

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  15. Great descriptions,Tracey. She got the job done alright! Nice writing.

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  16. Great job, Tracey! I’d like to think it took place during the revolution. Why not? A lot happened down there.

    My great-grandfather was a doctor, by the way, for the Mexican Railroad back in the days of Pancho Villa (yes, and worked on him whenever Villa got wounded). My great-grandmother, who was a Spaniard, was named Maria de Loreto Bernal y Cavasos (they called her Loretta here), so the sign is of big interest for me. That picture rocks! Good old black and white, crisp, detailed. It don’t get much better than that. 😉

    Five out of five whoopee cay-yiy-yays!

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  17. Great descriptions, I can feel the heat. I wonder what the revenge was for, though.

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  18. Revenge or something even more sinister?

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  19. I think this is superb. You’ve got a perfect balance of imagery, character building, backstory and action. And it’s got me wanting to know more about her. I’m in awe.

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