The Way to My Heart


Photo by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The Way to My Heart

“Shut the damn door and take off those muddy boots,” I shouted over the kitchen chaos with an authority that had not been earned. The second batch of blackened biscuits lay crumbled next to my Momma’s recipe box and the bitter winter turnip stew was boiling over in defiance. I swiped a stray bang behind my ear and straightened the crisp apron your aunt had tucked into my hand as we’d left the chapel. You stomped the snow off your boots and tilted your Stetson, revealing a shy smile.

“Something smells mighty good, Wife.”

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33 thoughts on “The Way to My Heart

  1. Ah.. I marital bliss of that smile… hope it’s enough to compensate for housewife severance

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  2. You must be a graduate of Lisa Douglas & Elly May Clampett Culinary School. Do you make flying saucer hotcakes as well? The poor man better have an iron stomach.

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  3. must be a newly-married couple. everything gets better with time including the cooking. 🙂

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  4. A match made in heaven then, a woman who can’t cook and a man who has neither olfactory senses nor taste buds. Perfeck! You did this well, Tracey.

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  5. A good fun take. I like to think he’s hungry enough to eat whatever is put in front of him! Well done.

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  6. Well, at least it smelled good.

    Five out of five Lisa Douglas “hots cakes.”

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  7. Oh, yeah, remember those first days of marriage… the “pot roast” of infamy. Even I had to admit it was a failure. I begged hubby to order a pizza that night. He did, and the phrase “Pot Roasted” has become a standard for anything so messed up it’s not worth saving.

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  8. Awwww …
    I love this very much.


  9. Dear Tracey,

    The first steak dinner I made for my husband was charcoal on the half shell. He was delighted. He really likes his steak well done. I said that next time he could gnaw on a bag of Kingsford. At least one of us was happy with dinner that night. 😉
    Love your story. You have a way with words. Perhaps you could doctor the stew. (Yeah. I had to go there.)




  10. You going all soppy on us, Doc?
    Neat story.


  11. Good partners know when to show grace. Nice story!

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  12. Ah, newly-wedded bliss with Mamma and the auntie lingering inside recipes and aprons.

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  13. Henrietta Watson

    A very good story. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing!

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  14. I like the way you showed her worrying about everything and he, so understanding knows exactly what to say. Nice take on the prompt

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  15. He seems to know how to charm and disarm her. I love that.

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