The Theory of Pie: Start In the Center

Photo Credit at Roger Bultot

The Theory of Pie: Start in the Center

Jane pushed her fork through the buttery crust, separating each flaky layer with precision. “I always taste the center peak first, you cain’t hide your mistakes there.” The pippin was draped in syrup, cinnamon and an exotic spice Jane couldn’t quite name. The apple’s soft exterior yielded with the slightest crunch at its core.

“I reckon you know, I cain’t hire just anyone to work at The Patriots.”
Ariana adjusted her hijab and gathered her pastry tools, “Yes, Ma’am, I understand.”

“Well bless your heart, it’s cardamom!” Jane let the last bite linger on her tongue, “Let’s get started, daylight’s a burning. Rabbi Jacob needs babka tonight and Father Javier needs five hundred frosted crosses. Any ideas for Kwanzaa?”


I’m celebrating Christmas in Loreto, Mexico. The Mexicans have generously opened their arms to us with live nativity processions, a lighted boat parade in the harbor and the truest of Christmas spirit. In the spirit of giving I’m asking for your forgiveness. I’ve gone way over my word limit today. (It’s a FF dirty little secret that Perry does this all the time.) Although our exalted host Rochelle Wisoff Fields never pushes the word limit and still manages to write brilliantly every week.

I have to admit that this photo left be feeling bitter and perhaps a little hopeless, I wasn’t going to write because only bile came forth. However, I realized that is my own form of bigotry. There are many forms of patriotism. I am a patriot for the environment and for woman and children. I’m a patriot for inclusion and I will not be made bitter by anyone who calls himself a patriot but doesn’t understand that the best, messy, multi-colored parts are what makes American great.

For more patriotic prose go here.

Felix Navidad

28 thoughts on “The Theory of Pie: Start In the Center

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  1. Why do I feel like you write good food porn? That was pretty descriptive! I wanted to light up a cigarette afterwards and I never smoked a day in my life! The butt probably wouldn’t look good on the used pie plate (although I remember the days when that was common).

    Merry Christmas, Doc Tracey! Have a terrific time in Loreto. I almost went this month to Puebla myself, but I had car repairs, floor repairs, yada yada … 😦

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  2. Dear Tracey,

    Oh, the description of the pie. My mouth is watering.

    I’m so glad you didn’t let your frustration prevent you from writing. Beautiful story. You had me at the hijab and kept me to the gloriously homogeneous end.

    Feliz holidays y paz,


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  3. Those that thump their chest and call themselves “Patriots” while looking down on all who have the slightest difference in opinion have totally ruined the word. I like your story and the thoughts you shared behind the multicultural ideas expressed in it. Beautifully put. Felix Navidad

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  4. I love your take. It’s so original and full of life. I agree celebrating our differences is much more rewarding and makes life interesting. How boring if we were all the same. Sounds like you are having a swell time. Enjoy! Happy New Year, Tracey.

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  5. Such a lovely, multi-cultural story. I have to admit the title piqued my curiosity and I was really wondering what that meant. Center of pie like pi or pie? 😉 So clever. I agree, the center of pie is the best. 🙂 Loved that title. I agree that patriot needs to be interpreted broadly. Had to go the same way with my story too. Thanks for sharing from the heart.

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