Life as We Know It

Photo by Shaktiki Sharma

Life As We Know It
by T. Delaplain

Peter accelerated through the last red light, screeched to a stop and held the wailing twins in place with his right arm. The barking mutt, who had refused to leave the infants, took the opportunity to dash under his feet as he reached into the glove box for his transmitter, causing Peter to lift his foot off of the brake of the motorized vehicle he had stolen during the confusion. The subsequent collision and damage to the portal couldn’t have been predicted, but in Peter’s defense the mission in the Walmart parking lot had not gone quite as planned.


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30 thoughts on “Life as We Know It

  1. Chaos reigns, I guess.

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  2. Dear Tracey,

    Not much good is found among the Walmartians.



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  3. I have a feeling that Peter better give up… he’s obviously not meant for crime.

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  4. I have to confess that this in no way affected my previous thinking.
    It just passed me by, sorry, Doc.

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  5. My god, it’s just one thing after another, I feel for him, some days just go like that.

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  6. I can’t dredge up any sympathy for Peter. I just hope the twins and dog come out of it unscathed.

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  7. Oy… Just where did he think he was going anyway?

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  8. it must have happened a day before christmas. 🙂

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  9. The Walmart car park will bring many a brave adventurer to their knees.

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  10. I’ve never been to Walmart but think I can live without the experience.

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  11. I fear for the safety of the twins and the dog – Peter can take what’s coming.

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  12. Knew there was a reason I refused to let Ron park the camper overnight at Walmart that time we were in a pinch! Loved it, Tracey. Be well!

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  13. Some people just grab whatever they get their hands on, huh? That;’s why people shop at Wal-Mart.

    Five out of five Raising Arizonas.

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  14. I’ve seen this very thing play out.
    Good description. lol

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