Any Given Sunday #Friday Fictioneers

Photo Credit @ Jean L. Hays

Any Given Sunday

Her mama’s dire warnings were easily abandoned in the dust as she cranked the old Mustang’s engine to life and rattled down the washboard. A sermon crackled forth from the hometown station, “a strong hand against the decline of American decency and Christian sensibilities”; an echo of her daddy’s sentiments to never spare the rod.

A duffel bag filled with dreams and not much else, rested on the torn tuck and roll. She flipped the dial to Elvis, she would not kneel today.

The last tethers dissolved in the rear view mirror.

They say, “You can never really go home again.” She hoped it was true.


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  1. It’s true. Home is never the same once you leave. It took my parents about 3 nanoseconds to remodel my room once I pulled out of the driveway. However, many of their lessons and sentiments stuck with me for life.

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