A New Circus

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A New Circus
by T. Delaplain

They say you can’t run away from yourself. Maybe not, but you can leave the circus. I suppose you posted on Facebook, “My love, missing since …” Since you rearranged my face the last time.

There’s no internet, so who gives a shit?

I cook, clean, wait on tables and turn a few tricks when I can see life through the empty bottle.

I was screwed by you, but this is better somehow. The tequila’s cheap and there’s running water some days. Might be a different circus but at least these aren’t my monkeys.

Missing Persons
Do you ever wonder about missing persons on Facebook? Does the person want to be found? Who’s looking for them? Is a child missing because the parent wanted to escape the abuse and ran or are they embroiled in a bitter child custody battle? If the police post it, is it ok to share? Who’s right and who’s wrong? I don’t re-post missing persons because I just don’t know. Do you wonder about this or am I just over thinking it?

What are you running from?
If you want to join the Friday Fictioneers’ Circus swing by the famous Rochelle Wisoff’s blog at Addicted to Purple and post your 100 word story.

33 thoughts on “A New Circus

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  1. It’s funny you should ask those questions. The only “Missing Persons” I do share on Facebook do come from the police and are dated…
    As for your story… ouch. This one definitely does not want to be found, even if her circumstances are not ideal…

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  2. It is a difficult question, I do not believe that you are over thinking it. But many people go missing because of mental illness or situations outside their control: situations that are not caused by their family. It is really sad.

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  3. I am happy she is in a place where she can breathe free.
    Some people perhaps really need a new beginning, be done with the past forever.
    A wonderfully written thought-provoking story, Tracey.
    I don’t share missing, copy+paste posts on FB, mainly because I don’t trust their authenticity, but sometimes I do feel guilty when it’s a child and I live in India

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  4. well I feel as if you went right into the missing persons notes without a separation – not a big deal and might only be me- but was still chewing on the story and it seemed like that was part of it (so I guess I like a space and then the title author notes)
    but this is such an interesting topic – I am not a facebooker and so had no idea there were missing person posts.
    but I did hear that fb is going to be the biggest online graveyard one day –


  5. There are lots of things I don’t repost: Those “pass this on to ten people, including me, so I’ll know you love me” things. They die in my messenger. And I don’t repost missing persons, either. Who knows whether they’re legitimate or not?

    Anyway, your story is outstanding. Really atmospheric.

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