Nothing Quite As Sweet

Photo Credit @ Fatima Falkier Deria

Nothing Quite As Sweet
By T. Delaplain

She worried a dried fleck of white from the lilac tulle; nothing quite as sweet as wedding frosting or bridesmaid’s couture.

Still wet from the kisses and caresses hidden beneath yards of satin and tulle she ached for their reunion. How long would the honeymoon last, a week, a month, a lifetime?

Love; bitter and so sweet.

The longing pulled her toward the window; one parting glance.

A glimpse of white and a handful of draping orchids whirled past; the white satin slipped through her fingers again and her lover was gone.


A Friday Fictioneers 100 word tale. Join us on the lawn to tell your tale of weddings, garden parties, high tea, lost love or anything that makes your heart race. Thank you to our talented author and hostess Rochelle Wisoff. Come play with us here.

Another day in Baja.

Loreto, BCS, MX/

36 thoughts on “Nothing Quite As Sweet

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  1. Wait… is she the new husband’s lover? And… the poor bride’s friend to boot – how else would she be bridesmaid…
    (Did you mean “on” instead of “or” bridesmaid couture?)

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  2. She needs to live as a self-respecting singleton or meet a free man. Even if if her lover comes back to her, what kind of person would do such a thing on his wedding day? He would do exactly the same to her in time.

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  3. Although you’ve focused on the lover here – lost and lonely though she will definitely be – it’s clearly the bride that has the problem. Cheating on your spouse on the day of the wedding? Perhaps the bridesmaid won’t have to wait too long, for surely the marriage can’t last that long. Sad for all concerned. Lovely language and images throughout Tracey – a real sense of yearning

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  4. I hope she realises that this woman ain’t worth worrying over. Still love doesn’t work like that. I feel sorry for her, hope she finds love. Feel sorry for the bride/groom/non-binary spouse to be this cheater is marrying too.

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  5. I got it right away, great twist away from the expected. I suppose in the past (and in far too many places still) women had to get married because their parents made them, because it was the only way to keep their hidden love affairs and so on.


  6. Great story, Tracey. If the bride is in a society where she can’t be openly gay, or if her wedding is dictated by her family, I can understand her wanting to betray her husband. But, as you say, betrayal is betrayal. The sort of society where it’s hard to be gay, or your parents dictate your marriage is likely to be zero tolerance towards such betrayal. It’s going to be a clandestine relationship at best.
    I feel great sympathy for the girls because although betrayal is betrayal, it’s all-too-true that love is love.


  7. I loved this story, Tracey! Descriptions so vivid, and the pain and longing was so tangible I felt it too. More so, for turning stereotypes on its head. A cheating bride and her bridesmaid-lover. Really well done!

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