Sweet Success

Photo credit to Sandra Crook

Sweet Success
by T. Delaplain

La señora swirled the last bubbles in her glass, “Imported,” she purred with confidence ignoring the pistol at her temple. She surveyed the villa and its opulence with pride; some of it earned, some of it stolen, who knew the difference now.

The guns had been easy dinero, the cocaine perhaps a miscalculation. One cog in the vast wheel of fortunes, her ride would end with the next rotation; crushed for her great success just like the sweetest of grapes.


The wheels keep turning at Friday Fictioneers. Go here to read more.

This is my backyard.


33 thoughts on “Sweet Success

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      1. You just take the champagne glass, break it, use the sharp edges to cut the jugular. You gotta be slick about it, though. I’m sure, Doc Tracey, you might know of a better place to cut someone. 😉

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  1. I love the flow of this piece–and the tension. You made us care about this character in very few words and left us thirsting for more. Excellent writing.

    Love the photo. What a beautiful view.

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  2. Excellent, Tracey! Just plain excellent! Wonderfully constructed. I could feel the tension in the opening. Yes, DO bring her back. Like you, I believe this is not over for her and I’m waiting for the first guy she crosses who might have double-crossed her to end up as flour in a mill himself.

    As for that picture of your back yard … I WANT IT!!! I love the southwest! My grandma was born in Mexico in a Spanish family and an American father, so this is connective. If there were any places I would want to live, it is there.

    Five out of five aloe vera and cactus juices.

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