Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts

by T. Delaplain

Dana selected a fresh sheet of binder paper and the sharpest of the dull round tipped scissors. Precision was her command as she shaped a delicate snowflake of filigree and lace. Snip.

The pattern, uniquely hers, fragile yet beautiful. Were those the words the counselor had said in reassurance? She laughed out loud, what had fragility and beauty ever given her besides heart ache? She freed more of the rigid corners. Some girls cut their own flesh to release the pain. Snip

Today, she offered paper as her sacrifice and she was enough. 

Photo credit: @Jennifer Pendergast

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  1. The meticulousness of the cuts has got to be soothing as it takes her focus off of other ways she could have chosen. I’m happy for her. I love the comparison between her and a snowflake (i.e. beautiful and fragile.) Good writing, Tracey!

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