Meditation for Beginners

Photo credit: David Stewart

by T. Delaplain

Go With the Flow
by T. Delaplain

Lying on a mat with my head on a bolster, so relaxed in corpse pose, shavasana, breathing in relaxation.

“Imagine your breath, ebb and flow. Let any negative thoughts or cares evaporate. Immerse yourself.”  Did I lock the car?

“Be the river, let any negative energy cascade over the falls.” I think I’m still afraid of heights?

“Feel the mist.” Is that an effing mosquito!?!

“Take another deep breath.” When was this mat last cleaned? 

“Hear the gentle splash.” Did someone fart? Oh Buddha was that me?

I exhale and sprint to the exit, whispering namaste.

Take three deep breaths, exhale slowly and then let the words flow at Friday Fictioneers. Our host, Rochelle Wisoff will give you 100 words to find your own zen.

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  1. Teehee! Loved that story, Tracey. I enjoyed your selection of distractions. I used to love the meditation at the end of my yoga classes; it was always pleasurable, and sometimes quite profound.

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