A House Divided

photo credit @Liz Young

A House Divided

By T. Delaplain 

It started with an innocent comment, a slightly frisky flirtation, a light breeze. No harm, no foul, the foundation was solid, nothing could touch the haven he’d built around his family. But the fresh breeze continued to build with feather light touches in passing and tiny sparks of undeniable lightning.

He should have read the forecast but he failed to heed every warning flag.

The first gust blew through the company party; too much wine and a dark corner.

The wind continued to gather strength until a gale blew through his safe harbor and his house of cards crumbled. 

Join us for Friday Fictioneers. Rochelle will give you 100 words to shore up your foundation or to turn your story around. I’m wishing you fair winds and following seas amigos.

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31 thoughts on “A House Divided

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  1. Poetic and tragic
    You ring in the same song I’ve mentioned on Jen’s story, “That’s the Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be,” by Carly Simon.

    As mentioned in other comments, you wrote this extremely well. I like, “tiny sparks of undeniable lightning.” Boom! 🙂

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