A Tinder Promise

Photo credit Lisa Fox

Tinder Promises

by T. Delaplain

Had we ever had a first date? I only remember that you had always been by my side. I had promised you, so I had swiped right. Recalling the details in my date’s text, it felt like a spy mission.  I had as much experience with espionage as I had with first dates. Black tee shirt and jeans, check, but how did he know there would be a green votive on the table? Clearly not his first Tinder moment. He had a welcoming smile and a kind face, but he wasn’t you. I kept walking.

Join us at Friday Fictioneers. Rochelle Wisoff will give you 100 words to write your dating profile. I have absolutely no experience with Tinder or any dating sites because my first real date was, still is and will always be, my forever date.

35 thoughts on “A Tinder Promise

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    1. Oh this is loaded with emotion. Good that she is taking steps to move on but still good on her for saying nope when she knows it’s not happening. She might not be ready or she might just have very good taste!

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  1. I can’t imagine being thrown back into the dating world. Although I’m older and possibly wiser, I don’t see it in the cards (thank goodness Donn is still healthy). You captured that feeling very well. Baby steps for sure.

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  2. Once I remembered what Tinder is, the story fell into place. So far removed am I from the internet dating scene, at first I had no idea at all.

    After that, though, I really felt this story. The grief, the loneliness, perhaps the reaction to people telling her she needs to “put herself out there” when she is nowhere near ready–a well-told story.1

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  3. Grief takes time and it’s different for everyone. Just the fact that she swiped right and went to see is her way of moving forward at least a little. She’ll know when it’s time. So much emotion in this story. Nicely done, Tracey!


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