Changing the Chorus

#FridayFictioneers, 100 word flash fiction
Photo prompt @Dale Rogerson

A second story for Friday Fictioneers especially for DR. I know he’s out there.

Changing the Chorus
by T. Delaplain

Regardless of the tempo or cadence, the chorus remained the same, “I’m not ready.” Their coffee dates and long lunches were punctuated by stiff hugs and brief stolen kisses; neither knowing quite how to change their shared lyrics of grief.

The first bouquet arrived with a CD of arias, the second a sterling silver treble cleft. The third, a dozen roses and an embossed invitation.

“Dinner tomorrow night in Florence, pack an overnight bag, we can buy anything else you need. ❤️ Let us sing a new beginning.”

14 thoughts on “Changing the Chorus

  1. Beautiful, my dear. Just plain lovely.

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  2. Dear Tracey,

    A dream date, eh? Lovely melody.



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  3. sounds like a plan. hope it works. 🙂


  4. Where’s the “LOVE” button?


  5. Yes, Dale is right. There really ought to be some “this is terrific and I love it” button we could push 🙂

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  6. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    Now that’s a date.

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  7. Florence sounds great. I’ve also been wanting to go to Venice since I saw it in a Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea episode (OK, so the filming was done at 20th Century Fox studios and the footage of Italy was B-roll, but STILL …).

    Five out of five Three Coins In A Fountain.

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  8. I would say ‘Yes’ 🙂

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