The Perfect Blue

Pegman has taken us to Mars today and has stumbled upon an art enclave. Apparently there is life on the Red Planet and she’s a voracious artist. If you want to take an intergalactic journey with us come along and create your own flash fiction, just don’t leave the mother ship. What Pegman Saw.

Photo credit NASA

The Perfect Blue
by T. Delaplain

The paint fumes danced up her nostrils, she inhaled and the rush followed. The cerulean flowed from her brush as she swept it across the translucent canvas.

No rules on Mars, only art and an endless supply of humans. Continue Reading

What Pegman Saw : A Stray Kindness


Photo credit@ ¬†Google’s Pegman took a walk in Edinburgh.

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I rarely write a preface to my work and I never apologize for my muse (or my abuse of the word limit) but this fiction deals with a mature adult subject. I am reminded that kindness doesn’t have to come with a fancy label and we should applaud kindness in its many forms.

A Stray Kindness

by T. Delaplain

That shiner’s gonna need ice. You been out long, got anywhere to go? Come on then, I’ve gotta back door friend at the pub around the corner. He’ll have ice and he’s a sucker for strays. Continue Reading