Arsenic and Glue Sticks #FridayFictioneers

Bless me Fictioneeers, it’s been two months since my last flash fiction. *sigh* I have been in Internet hell. I’ve had more trouble getting Internet in rural California than I did in rural Mexico. Huh?

Other excuses worth mentioning:
I’m basically an angst driven writer and I’m too chillaxed living at the lake house. It’s too nice outside to write inside. There are no interesting drug cartel stories around to fuel my “CIA agent meets a girl and a tequila bottle” novel, WIP.

I actually have no real excuse not to write so I’ve been designing a new food blog and cookbook proposal at (shameless promotion).

Anyway here’s my dark tale of writing turned warfare. My husband thinks the tale is too dark but he hasn’t met any of you writers who have struggled with getting published. Crazy happens. Continue Reading