A Sequel for Mr. Edwards

Photo credit @ Sandra Crook from her travels down the French waterways.

A Sequel for Mr. Edwards
by T. Delaplain

It had been Mr. Edwards idea to help Renee write “his” sequel from the quant château in Provence. In fact the sequel had been entirely his idea. The promise had been extorted from her during a fierce re-write; the result of a tussle over the laptop and a tumble on the divan. Mr. Edwards, a minor character in her first novel had definitely become a distraction in the sequel. Her hand hestitated over the delete button.

“No Mr. Edwards, I do not see you as a seductive rogue, perhaps a stable lad in chapter 13? Never forget, Sir. Your place is on the page.”

Mr. Edwards can’t seem to stay where he is written or stay out of my flash fiction. A distraction indeed! If you’re curious about this literary terrorist you could read any of these flashes.
Of All the Gin Joints
Exit The Scoundrel
A Novel Romance

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32 thoughts on “A Sequel for Mr. Edwards

  1. I’m still not sure who will win the tussle. Characters can be very tenacious

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  2. Oh mercy, that dangerous delete button. Let’s hope Mr. Edwards stays on the page or he may just get a delete click. : ) Looks like he’s enjoying the limelight on FF.
    Isadora 😎

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  3. I agree with Neil. Renee might hit delete today, but he’ll be back tomorrow. Enjoyed this tale of insistent character.

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  4. More divan tumbling with the irrepressible Mr E, please!!

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  5. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    Love that you bring Mr. Edwards to life, sounds like he has a will of his own.

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  6. I think Mr Edwards will return… these rogues will never stay between the papers… they prefer the bedsheets.

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  7. I agree with Bjorn. This man has his mojo working. Resistance is futile,

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  8. Dear Tracey,

    Renee should surrender. Mr. Edwards has a story to tell I think.

    Did I tell you that Dr. Derevenko started out as a side mention in Please Say Kaddish for Me? He didn’t see it that way and the next two books tell his story. Never fight the muse. The force is too strong within her.



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  9. michael1148humphris

    Thanks for the memory, the Mr Edwards I knew carried a cane. Ouch.


  10. i wonder if mr. edwards will survive another day. he’s hanging for dear life now. 🙂

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  11. I love his tenaciousness! Must agree with Rochelle… if you can’t fight him, expand him!
    These are great, Tracey…


  12. I know his type. Mr Edwards wants his own book. Maybe something along the lines of James Edward Bond.

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  13. Mt Edwards seems persistent, maybe he will get his own story one day.

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  14. Superb put-down. I hope he stays on the page – I suspect he won’t.

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  15. I think Mr Edwards has the control even though her hand is on the button. I wonder what time will bring

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