The Last Song

FridayFictioneers flash fiction

Photo inspiration from Doug MacIIroy

The Last Song
By T. Delaplain

The noose tightened and her singing fell silent. The gilded cage tarnished under years of demands and obedience. He was a wise one, no marks were ever seen on her beautiful body, her soul however kept the tally.

The last song, the last punishment, it was finally over. She adjusted her silk turtleneck over the bruising and drew forth some tears.

“Ma’am did ya not hear the car engine running?”
“I took a sleeping pill.” He must have taken the rest.
“Was he acting unusual in any way?”
“No” Although, he was unusually silent as I drugged him, to the garage. 


I’m late for the Friday Fictioneer’s 100 word party but this little bird’s song needed to be sung. For more garage tales joins us at Friday Fictioneers. We’ll give you 100 words to complete your song.

37 thoughts on “The Last Song

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  1. I liked the line, “she drew forth some tears.” Slicing onions always helps. This reminded me of the start of a Columbo expisode. Let’s hope they don’t get suspicious and assign him to the case.

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  2. Dear Tracey,

    This is a brilliant tale that says so much between the lines, between the years and between the ears. Well done. (Thank you for the reblog of History Tailgates and thank you for being there to read it.)



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