A Sweet Dilemma

Friday Fictioneers
Photo credit @ Roger Bultot

A Sweet Dilemma
By T. Delaplain

The air in the security office sizzled with heated debate as roving black and white images of the museum flitted across the screens.

“We could foul the heating system and raise the room temp to just above the alarm’s sensor.”
“Been done, Heist Society.”
“Let’s jam a titanium brief case under the security gate and roll in and out before they know what’s hit ‘em.”
Thomas Crown Affair.”
“Call in a decoy SWAT team. They make the steal while we project the illusion.”
Oceans 11

“Are there no original crimes in the world?”
“Well, we could just buy the candy bar.”


You can get away with any crime if you stick to 100 words at Friday Fictioneers. Head over to see the link to our mug shots at our host Rochelle Wisoff’s blog Addicted to Purple.

50 thoughts on “A Sweet Dilemma

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  1. Your story made me grin! Mind you, it might also carry a more serious message. There’s an awful lot of crime that doesn’t seem rational, and where the perpetrator has to work harder for less than he would in regular work.

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    Okay…now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…the story made me guffaw, laugh and snort. Where’s the fun in just buying a candy bar when you can think of ways to get the five fingered discount? Love it.



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  3. Made me smile too, Tracey! How bored must these guys be? And their movie knowledge is second to none, so I’m guessing that all they do is watch heist movies on the night shift! Great story

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