On The Set #FridayFictioneers


PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

On the Set

Beating his chest and raising his middle finger in defiance he roared, “You got your movie now I get the girl.”
He cradled the limp cargo in the nest of his elbow and stroked her silken curls; so beautiful, so fragile.
“Put down your weapons and read the contract, Asshats.”

A brief shout out to PETA for Friday Fictioneers. To read more flash fiction go here.

21 thoughts on “On The Set #FridayFictioneers

  1. Finally! Someone else who saw what I did!! LOL…
    Great take on the prompt. Short and sweet.

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  2. Interesting take on the prompt. I liked it.

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  3. So King Kong can talk! Or…is it just a jerk actor stealing a golden lab puppy from the set?

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  4. A King Kong with a lawyer – that’s exactly what the world needs 🙂 Nice one. I didn’t see the “shadow”…

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  5. That gorilla drives a hard bargain. The girl may be sorry she didn’t read the small print a little more closely. Great take!

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  6. Imaginative take, Tracey. I like it! King Kong has feelings. They know all about sign language, too.

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  7. Of course King Kong has feelings. Dale’s story pushed the finger on me and now I can’t unsee it. Great take and interesting story.

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  8. Hahahaha! That looked like you had too much fun writing it … which is what you want, anyway. Good work, Dr. Tracey!


  9. Nice King-Kong perspective!

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  10. Yet another remake of King Kong, this one probably the best. Although you might have used Naomi Watts too.

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