Physician Heal Thyself #FridayFictioneers

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Physician Heal Thyself

Nothing in the wilderness text had prepared me for this hell. I hadn’t even held a gun since I was twelve years old and even then it was just a rite of passage to appease my old man.

I’m a surgeon, a healer, not a revolutionary.

Sulfur and dust curled under my nose and mixed with the sweat. Tears of inadequacy clouded the pages as I searched the tome for anything that would help. I knew the bullet had to come out but I didn’t know if I was brave enough to make the first cut before I exsanguinated.

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  1. This resonated, though I didn’t understand it. Is the surgeon reading the book for instructions? Removing a bullet from the book? Are the surgeon and the book one and the same? You can see why my confusion made it resonate

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    1. It sounds like an easy choice to survive above all else, but it isn’t painful to bleed to death especially if you’ve been thrown into a war zone. There’s more to this story. Thanks for reading Emmy.


  2. The personal trauma and the dilemma make for a really good story. It’s certainly an interesting scenario. Also, I like that I learned a new word (exsanguinate)! The voice/vocabulary worked very well and definitely added authenticity

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    1. I’m glad to give you a new word although it doesn’t usually come up in polite conversation. Although my son, the other surgeon, and I are known to throw it out at dinner time much to the dismay of the rest of the family. ha ha 😷

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  3. Great tale. And I for one love the word “exsanguinate” here. I love how the word looks and sounds. It really rolls off the tongue and often I read these tales aloud. I think, in many ways, the oral telling is the purest, right? Enjoyed this — been in Bermuda for two months so just getting back to Friday Fictioneers. Now, if the weather would be as good as the tales here….:)

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  4. Oh man, that would be so awful to have to remove your own bullet or do anything surgical to yourself. If only you could put yourself under while you did it. Haha That’s never going to happen. Great story, Tracey!


  5. It would no doubt be extremely difficult to operate on yourself, especially if you were suffering blood loss. I looked the word up. It was quite right to use it as a doctor thinking to herself. It’s absolutely the way she’d think. Well written, Tracey. —- Suzanne

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  6. The Devils in the detail. [sulfur] Let him or Count Dracula loose on the blood, better then exsanguination. For they will both want to come back for more, that way you will survive. But keep the book handy for a quick escape.

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