Country Honey #FridayFictioneers

Photo Credit @Madison Woods (Please accept my apologize for not giving credit to Madison Woods when this was first published.) I must have been distracted by the cowboy in my head.

Country Honey

It wasn’t my first taste of dust, been riding and roping since my third summer, but the trail was so much sweeter with you beneath me. My dad always said that there weren’t nothin’ finer than a willing mount and a good woman. I didn’t much understand my ol’ man but today he seemed to have the right of it.  I was hungry and you were sweeter than country honey. I’m glad you didn’t pay your daddy no mind, sometimes a gal just needs to ride, fast and hard with the wind in her hair until she’s breathless.

For more 100 word barbwire tales check out Rochelle Wisoff-Fields @Friday Fictioneers. 


42 thoughts on “Country Honey #FridayFictioneers

  1. I like the voice of this

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  2. I love the sense of freedom like you describe it.. The voice an perspective seem so genuine.

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  3. Love it, innuendos and all!

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  4. So I didn’t imagine the innuendo’s and I’m still an innocent child lol. Great take on the prompt.

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  5. Not quite sure if it’s the willing mount or the good woman we’re talking about but I feel like I want to ride too! What an artful doctor!

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  6. Beautifully done. Tongue in cheek innuendo. 🙂

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  7. Breathily indeed.

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  8. Breathless indeed was what I meant to say. I am on a very busy train, would prefer a different mount

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  9. Great dialect! Your story could be describing the woman or the horse 🙂
    Sometimes we only understand the things good ‘ol daddy said when we get a bit older.

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  10. Great voice! This really knocked it out, Doc.
    You, ummm …WERE referring to a horse, yes? 😀

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  11. What a nice story about riding and horses and all things innocent 😉
    Great voice and point of view!

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  12. There was nothing innocent about this… I loved it, Tracey!
    The voice, the dialect, the sensuality… Sweet indeed!

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  13. Dear Dr, Tracey,

    Love the voice and the…um…mounting pleasure. Ride-em cowgirl!



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  14. The innuendo, the comments, it totally cracks me up. Great writing, if you want to understand one thing, you can. If you don’t, you don’t have to. 😀

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  15. if this doesn’t speak of that elusive feeling of being free then i don’t know what it is. well done.

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  16. Smiling I am. You’ve taken on this personna so well. Love her voice — can see her ridin’ with the wind in her hair!

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  17. I can feel the country girl coming out here, Tracey. Nice write.


  18. Passionate piece. Well done!

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  19. This made me sit up and take notice. Lets hope this ride lasted longer than 8 seconds. 🙂

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  20. Great country descriptions, Tracey. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  21. It reads like poetry. And the title, so beautiful! 🙂

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