Hell Bent For Leather

Below is my work for Friday Fictioneers. I also wanted to share (brag about) my success in my first writing contest. I’m batting a 1000.

We’re thrilled to announce the winner of our Postcard From the Park Mini-MOLP writing contest.

Tracey Delaplain from Reno, Nevada has scooped the title with a brilliantly crafted piece that wove in a well researched slice of American history!

I won the Magic Oxygen mini literary prize for July with my flash fiction piece, “A Wild Idea“, a postcard from the park. You can see the announcement here where you can read about future challenges.

Photo Credit @Sandra Crook

Hell Bent For Leather

The sharp tang of leather made her stomach churn. She tossed the unfinished chaps aside, a gift no longer needed. Her son’s dusty Stetson and new saddle lay where the cowboys had thrown them. A dram of whiskey had been offered and accepted. Their duty done, they had backed out of the house hats in hands, heads bowed, murmuring condolences.

Her grief now complete, both of her men lay buried beneath cow shit and broken dreams.

“The chaps could be shortened”, she thought, “and I reckon the steers won’t feed themselves.”

The prequel to today’s story is Whiskey For My Men http://wp.me/p4oHp4-Kk

Cowboy up! Go to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields site and join Friday Fictioneers. She’ll give you 100 words to round-up your story.

36 thoughts on “Hell Bent For Leather

  1. Huge congratulations Tracey!

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  2. buried beneath cow shit and broken dreams Oh, Tracey, you caught a cowboy’s life and death so vividly in this piece but the line i copied is my favorite. One of my Colorado neighbors owns two cattle ranches. It’s a hard life and there’s no time for much more than “Hell Bent for Leather”.

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  3. Congratulations, Tracey.

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  4. I enjoyed your atmospheric cowboy tale and now I am off to read about your win. Congratulations!


  5. Dear Tracey,

    First a rousing round of congratulations! Second, well told story of a strong woman. I could see and hear her character. Good job on two counts.



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  6. Perhaps a dram of whiskey for herself and then “up and at ’em.” Life does go on.
    Great story.


  7. Many Many congrats 🙂 I see why you won 🙂

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  8. Congratulations, and a great write too. Feels like a modern western film waiting to be made.

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  9. First of all a huge cheer for your win, and secondly a story that I feel can be the beginning of one of those great tales of a pioneering woman… I think I can see the film in bleak hues, just before the camera zooms out and shows a stunning mountain landscape.

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  10. Again congrat. Two stories expertly told. I can almost smell the leather.

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  11. Another strong piece from you Tracey. I enjoyed your competition entry too. Very well done.

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  12. michael1148humphris

    A different town, or a different country, loved the angle of your story,

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  13. I can’t wait to read more about Postcards from the Trailer Park. It sounds like my kind of theme. I’ll be over there to read the winning entry after finishing this comment.

    I love cowboy stories. My publisher, and good friend, Duke Pennell publishes a eMagazine called Frontier Tales http://www.frontiertales.com/ You may want to submit. He’s always looking for good writers. BTW – loved the cow shit line. In fact, I can almost smell it.

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    • And boy do I have trailer park stories. There are tin roofs in my past for sure. Thank you for reading and I’ll check out Frontier Tales. I keep coming back to this American West genre. Write what you know, it’s in my DNA.


  14. Congratulations on your win Tracey! You have painted a hard life and a strong woman here…Great writing.

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  15. I love cowboy stuff! Great take on the prompt, Tracey, and congratulations on the win! I can see why you did with this story as an example of the talents you have. Hey, if Albert Schweitzer played violin, you can write. Congratulations and yippee-yi-yo-kay-yay. “Don’t fence me in.” 🙂

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  16. This was a very enjoyable read and congrats on your win which I also enjoyed reading

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  17. Sounds like she’s picking herself up and taking over the ranch. Well done on your win!

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  18. …buried beneath cow shit and broken dreams. Love that bit, Tracey. What a colorful piece with emotion at its core. Congrats again on your win! Such excellent news.

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