The Wisdom to Ride

Friday Fictioneers

Photo credit to Douglas Mac Illroy

The Wisdom to Ride

by T. Delaplain

“Dumb asses, sit on top of a tornado for 8 seconds and wonder why they is always broke. Broken wallets, broken bones, broken dreams.” 

“Yup, I reckoned you’re right Daddy but he’s here to pick me up anyway.”

The sight of the pick up truck brought all the pain home.

“Cain’t no one ride that mean son’ a bitch.”

“I reckon, but I just need 8 seconds.”

“He likes to spin left, been known to sunfish. When he throws ya and he will, don’t let him catch you on the inside. He’ll kill you.”

A quick nod of thanks.

“Open the gate Old Man.”


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43 thoughts on “The Wisdom to Ride

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  1. One of the boys I grew up with in Denver turned into a rodeo man, rode horses and bulls for about a year until his back was too tired to carry on. Now he owns to ranches and rides very calm horses. Great take on the prompt.

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  2. When you mentioned 8 seconds, I thought you were talking about Perry’s sex life.
    As a youth, several of my friends tried riding bulls and broncs–usually just once. I had a hard enough time just staying on a bicycle without getting thrown.

    Great dialogue. You put us right there next to the gate.

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  3. I have to admit I thought they were going to ride the tornado. I know there are those that chase them but had never heard of them riding them. Have to admit I was pleased to find from the comments that she was riding a bull. That sounds a lot safer. Enjoyed the dialogue even though I obviously didn’t get it.

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