Love You Long Time, Big Time

Photo credit to Jill Wisoff

Love You Long Time, Big Time
By T. Delaplain

Camille teased the Marlboro to the corner of her mouth as a puff curled up her nose. She leaned over, in practiced seduction, straightening the seam in her fishnets and displaying her generous booty.

“Must be the rain, men ain’t horny when it rains.”
“They aren’t hungry either.”
“Hey, hotdog man, you got a twenty? I got nothing but time.”
“Keep that lipstick on your own dawg, girl. Why you gotta be like that?”
“Hungry, I guess. Love you long time, big time,” she offered.
“I gotcha. You want onions?”
“Might as well, ain’t no biz. Thanks, man.”

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44 thoughts on “Love You Long Time, Big Time

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      1. My pleasure. I’ve seen it first hand on a visit to Amsterdam years ago – girls dressed in lingerie, looking bored, flicking through magazines. It looked like a grim life.

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  1. You have a great talent of making us look at people and things where we usually prefer to look the other way. I, too, love the voices, and the descriptions. The scene is alive.

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  2. Terrific story-telling, Tracey. Two great characters with distinctive voices, and a narrative that pulls us in and makes us empathise with both of them. I like the way that, without being judgmental, you equate the feeding of the two human appetites, and I suspect you, too, of symbolism; both things adding to the power of your story.
    And, despite dealing with our desires at their most basic, you’ve written a tender story!

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  3. I love these two. And I am intrigued that they both find the rain has a negative effect on their business. Brilliant voices and the Marlborough – perfect imagery. All very neatly crafted including the great title.

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