False Halos

Photo Credit: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

False Halos
By T. Delaplain

A hush descended, the lights dimmed and the stage rose from the fiery bowels of the auditorium. Reverend Wilts, awash with golden light unfurled his robes, arms spread wide in false subjugation. The sound of salvation began with a few calculated notes guaranteed to open the pocketbooks of the faithful, reserving the frenzy for later. Always best to make them believe in the promise of heaven before he brought down the brimstone. A divine threshold exists for every donor, the faithful, the sinners, the broken and the truly lost. Not a coin would be left behind.
“Let us pray.”

Join us a Friday Fictioneers, we’ll give you 100 words to tell your tale. Do you see salvation or just street lights?
Fictioneers, Is anyone else having trouble being able to “like” stories on Word Press? WTH? I can comment but I can’t like anything even if I’m signed in. Is there some setting I don’t know about? I thought it was just on the U.K. networks but it happened at Rochelle’s site too. Grrrrr Any Ideas?

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  1. I love this, was just getting really into it when you stopped.
    I am not a big fan of organised religion, and the US phenomenon of televangelism is a complete mystery to me.
    Folks can be really dumb sometimes.

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  2. The most despicable form of con artists are the ones who prey on those who respect them because they claim to be ministers. Totally disgusting. This is written with a great deal of drama, which does tend to draw people in. Having grown up as a preacher’s kid, a true man of God, I have nothing but scorn for those who rob people of wealth in the name of God, but in actuality to line their own pockets.

    Wow. I guess that really pushed a button for me.


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