Balancing Acts

Photo by Fatima Fakier Deria

Balancing Acts

By T. Delaplain

“You can have it all”, they said. The career, the kids, an American flag and a pink flamingo on the picket fenced lawn; a full measure of domestic bliss.

I was in the center ring with all the balls in the air, apron strings tied, balancing on one leg in a perfect pirouette until the phone shattered my peaceful dinner party, again.

“Sorry, it’s probably the hospital. Mom says, babies don’t wait. She never gets to finish dinner with us.”

I called the circus the next day and dropped a few balls.

A Friday Fictioneers challenge. Join us, we’ll give you 100 words to balance your story.

This is that child graduating from medical school. He works 90 hours a week. He thinks he can have it all, too. Maybe he can.

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  1. Dear Tracey,

    I don’t know how you did it, but I certainly admire you for it. My GP is a woman with four children and now a few grands. I don’t know how she manages either, but I’m glad she has these past 20 years because I adore her. Best wishes for your son. Lovely story. Thank you.



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  2. I think having it all is something only each person can define for themselves. It is not necessarily in the way it is dictated to us by society and consumerism. Having it all is a feeling. It might not appear that way to others who look upon your situation, but if you feel alive and rich, then you have it all. 🙂


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