Held In Memory

Photo credit @Al Forbes Held In Memory by T. Delaplain I slide into the backseat, lie on my back and imagine the moonlight. I'm assaulted with longing so intense that it can only be desire. The taste of your breath lingers still. I run my hand over the discolored upholstery. I can almost smell the... Continue Reading →

When Faith Becomes Grief

Thank you for the photo Dale Rogerson When Faith Becomes Grief by T. Delaplain The familiar incense of candle wax, smouldering wicks and desperation forced the bile to rise in my throat. It had been a routine operation, on a common ailment, on a run-of-the-mill day, yet here I am with my extraordinary grief. I... Continue Reading →


Photo credit at C.E.Ayr Thank you Sir. Silenced by T. Delaplain "May I?", La Señora lifted her wrist to check the time. "A text will arrive on the mobile in your left pocket in exactly twenty seconds. I assume that's your phone Nando," she raised a brow in invitation. "Trust me, by then "El Jefe's"... Continue Reading →

Sweet Success

Photo credit to Sandra Crook Sweet Success by T. Delaplain La señora swirled the last bubbles in her glass, "Imported," she purred with confidence ignoring the pistol at her temple. She surveyed the villa and its opulence with pride; some of it earned, some of it stolen, who knew the difference now. The guns had... Continue Reading →

Life as We Know It

Photo by Shaktiki Sharma Life As We Know It by T. Delaplain Peter accelerated through the last red light, screeched to a stop and held the wailing twins in place with his right arm. The barking mutt, who had refused to leave the infants, took the opportunity to dash under his feet as he reached... Continue Reading →

The Way to My Heart

Photo by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields The Way to My Heart “Shut the damn door and take off those muddy boots,” I shouted over the kitchen chaos with an authority that had not been earned. The second batch of blackened biscuits lay crumbled next to my Momma’s recipe box and the bitter winter turnip stew was boiling... Continue Reading →

Any Given Sunday #Friday Fictioneers

Photo Credit @ Jean L. Hays Any Given Sunday Her mama's dire warnings were easily abandoned in the dust as she cranked the old Mustang's engine to life and rattled down the washboard. A sermon crackled forth from the hometown station, "a strong hand against the decline of American decency and Christian sensibilities"; an echo... Continue Reading →

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